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In the past, I have found myself answering the same questions from students about the site over and over again. This page gives you links to answers to some of these questions - plus some general comments related to the site.

It also contains links to a few things that have cropped up (either from questions or from my own research) where I simply haven't been able to produce a good answer to a problem - either because I haven't been looking in the right place, or because the accepted answer is beyond my understanding, or perhaps because there isn't a good answer! Any reliable information about any of these questions would be welcome. Please contact me via the address on the about this site page.

General questions and comments relating to Chemguide

Chemistry questions I can't answer to my satisfaction

Important: If you are a student please don't bother to look at the questions in this list unless you are very confident about your chemistry and haven't got anything better to do! The reason that they are here is because I haven't been able to come up with an answer that I am entirely happy with. Some (but not all) of these pages may not be an easy read.

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